Tuesday, October 06, 2009


This is my niece's new dog, Phil. I'm a little bit envious as I would love to rescue a greyhound. Apparently Phil's previous owner's did nothing with him for six years, no socializing with other dogs or people, so the poor guy is scared and freaked out. Kudos to E. and her hubby for rescuing this beautiful animal.

I've got a mud mask on my face. I figure 60 isn't too old (or young) to start taking care of my skin. I neglected it for years, just washed it with whatever soap was around, with my hands. Amazingly, mud masks really have a benefit.

Camilla woke me up this morning bolting out of her cat bed leaving a pile of diarrhea, that in her haste to leave also left bits on my duvet cover and THE CURTAINS!! You don't have to guess how happy that made me. A hundred dollars later for more medication; seems she wasn't on the meds for her bladder/kidney infection long enough. Did I mention I have carpeting in every room but the kitchen and utility room? Let's not even go there . . .

T. called and asked if I was up for a swim. He's such a delight to hang with, that I said sure, and we had a nice time chatting and swimming laps in the pool. Of course I used the hot tub beforehand to warm up my knees. After I went to the community garden and picked some basil to make pesto. Picked some dahlias for my therapist, then went to the natural foods store for pine nuts. Sixteen ninety nine a pound, and I had no idea how many I needed, so I bought half a pound. Thirty one bucks for half a bag of groceries! Let me know when you get sick of me complaining about how much things cost.

So I made the pesto and I think it came out right, but I realize I'm not that fond of pesto afterall. Made dog food for Bindi, some movie about Darwin on PBS is playing in the background.

I heard a statistic on the news that reported nearly one in every two children in the world live in poverty.


dale said...

If you don't like pesto you can cancel it out with anti-pesto.

Kim said...

Hi Phil!

I'm not fond of pesto, either. Although I like a little pine nuts in things, now and then.

Hi! I'm Erin said...

I'm with Kim. Pesto is okay in small quantities, but toasted pine nuts are yummy. I like to put them in salads.

The things we do for our animals, huh? It's a good thing they're cute.

Anonymous said...

President Eisenhower said: " Things are more like they are now than they ever were before". Pithy but true. CSA