Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm So Tired

I'm so tired, I haven't slept a wink
I'm so tired, my mind is on the blink
I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drink
No,no,no. --The Beatles

Actually I did sleep. Yesterday was killer. Had an mri on my right foot in the morning. Forgot to tell them to put a pillow under my knees before the procedure, and didn't think I would make it thru the half hour, my knees were aching so badly. I did make it thru, but just barely. Almost cried. Hope to finally find out what this pain is I've had for a couple of years that comes and goes on that foot. Drove home.

Had a physical therapy appt. in the afternoon. The physical therapist said I have only two sessions left, and she was sad about not seeing me, so we made plans to get together after my sessions are done. That was nice. Drove home.

In the early evening was Bindi's Canine Good Citizen test cram session. She did well on everything but the sit and stay part where I have to walk ten feet away and she has to stay put. She kept trying to come to me. Turns out I've been giving her mixed messages again about the sit and stay thing. And she was nervous. I felt like such a dope. The test is on Sunday. I so hope she will pass, but if she doesn't, we'll just do it again. I think I'll cry either way. Training a dog is hard work. I missed her terribly when I was in Florida.

After the cram session I went to the market for food. Drove home. Long day of much activity.

Was supposed to have a dental cleaning today for myself, but called the ID doc who had told me I have to be on antibiotics before any dental work is done because of the artificial knees. I'm already on doxycycline, but was smart enough to call her yesterday to ask if I was on a sufficient dose for the cleaning. Turns out she has to prescribe a different antibiotic for the time around the dental cleaning, so had to cancel the appt. and now have to get yet another drug. My insurance company surely hates customers like me, but pharma loves me.

So I've got a full day ahead with nothing much I have to do. Might go to some classical Indian dance tonight, as my good friend G. always invites me to these things. She is Indian. Will give me a chance to wear the lovely silk garment she had made for me on one of her trips back to her country.

Fall is in full bloom here, and it might be my last one before I move to Florida. Yesterday around 5.40 as the sun was low in the sky there were a couple of gold leaved trees glowing like neon in the late afternoon light. So gorgeous. Will try to get out this weekend and take some photos now that I know the best time of day to do it. North Florida does have a change of season believe it or not. There are even some desiduous trees in my yard that lose their leaves. Can't remember if they change color or just drop leaves.

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