Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Rainy Day

My Florida house. You can see it needs cosmetic work.

The side yard.

From the back of the property towards the street.

From the street to the back of the property.

My "out" building in the back.

Tom in front of the house. The house looks like it's leaning to the right, but it actually isn't. I don't think.
This change of season has got me tired out. Or else I'm still recovering from the St. Augustine trip. Planning on moving there sends me all over the emotional map, and that sort of travel is stressful.

Last night I went to the first meeting of the gospel singing workshop that was to be held in the town next to me, instead of on the shoreline where I had done it a few years ago. Unfortunately, only 5 people showed up, so the director cancelled that venue, and three of us decided we would drive to Guilford and do the workshop the director is still organizing out there. Such a disappointment, and I was annoyed at the people who were supposed to do the publicity, and clearly had no idea HOW to do outreach and publicity. So now it's another schlep out to Guilford, but three of us have decided to carpool, so at least that is something.

It's so odd. Three of my new friends live on the shoreline: Clinton, Madison, and Old Saybrook. All nearly an hour's drive from where I am. Seven of my older friends live out that way too. Oh how I wish I had been able to find a place to live out there. I like where I am living here, but I'm constantly driving out to the shoreline for something. My dog trainer is out there, my vet, my primary care doc.

Another disappointment. The woman who was going to go with me to St. John island to celebrate my 60th birthday told me yesterday she cannot go, as she has to have a hip replacement in early December. I knew she was in pain, and was just about to write her and ask if she thought she could do the trip, when I received her email. She has degenerative joint disease, has already had two knees replaced, now this hip, and will have to have the other hip done eventually. And she has constant pain in her neck. But she doesn't complain and does quite a bit of travelling for her job. I have written a bunch of other friends to see if anyone else wants to go with me. If not I will have to bag the trip for now, and make another plan.

Tried to go to a halloween party last Saturday night. Drove to Clinton in the pouring rain, got lost, couldn't find the house, called the person's cell phone, she didn't pick up. I got so annoyed, I turned around and started home. I stopped at the bank to make a deposit, and when I was backing up ran my car into a dumptster, now I have new scratches on the back fender. I don't get why these cars have this cheap plastic fenders instead of those heavy black rubber bumpers that could withstand anything. My old Corolla hardly had a dent on it cause it's bumpers were so protective.

Yesterday my 14 year old neighbor A. came over and helped me with some chores. Put a bunch of stuff out on the curb for bulk trash, dug up the canna corms (tubers?), spent some time trying to get runaway Bindi back into the house (so much for being a good citizen -- she still won't come when called when we are outside; the test itself was inside, and she does the recall fine indoors.) Went to physical therapy, my next to last session, and dropped off a Kenmore sewing machine that I had found in someone else's bulk trash to see if it was salvageable. The person to whom it belonged said he thought it just needed some oiling and such, so we'll see. It's an older model that was in a decent cabinet, and the there is a machine repair shop right near the physical therapy place, so that saved me ANOTHER TRIP OUT TO THE SHORELINE WHERE THE OTHER SEWING MACHINE REPAIR SHOP IS.


Hi! I'm Erin said...

Maybe you should sell the house in St. Augustine and move out to the shoreline in CT. Just a thought....The money you'd get from the sale of the house probably won't make a dent in shoreline property, though. Sad.

Kim said...

There's shoreline not too far from here, too! You've been up to Tawas, it's beautiful there ... :-)

NEXT TO LAST Physical Therapy?!? WHOOO! That's great! How are your knees doing?

Congratulations to Bindi on the good citizenship award! You must have done some great work together!