Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Plants Have a Secret Social Life

Well, I always knew it.  But now it has been proved "scientifically."


The photo is of the orchid my sibs and I sent to D & C for their 30th wedding anniversary.  Cool, eh?  I wonder what kind of social life this plant has?  Ha ha.

IKA and I went to the sports store last night and got her a new pair of roller blades.  Fortunately there was a very knowledgeable customer there buying skates for his own kid who helped us with the choices.  Then we went to Cold Stone Creamery for milk shakes.  It must be annoying for the workers there to sing those silly songs every time money is put into the tip jar.  What an unusual job requirement.

I have just been so so so tired.  And my tongue has been sore from talking too much and trying to chew some foods, but it's hard to resist both with such temptation around me.  Still taking very long naps in the afternoon, and sleeping long hours at night.

Finished THREE DOG LIFE.  Absolutely compelling.  It's a fairly short memoir, so I think I will read it again.  There were so many beautiful turns of phrase, but as I was reading them, I did not want to take the time to write them down, just soak them in.  But here is one lovely passage from the book:  

There was a young man who had arrived at the Northeast Center angry and belligerent, as inclined to take a swing at you as not.  He began showing up in Bill's studio and started to paint.  Bill watched him become an artist, and gradually he stopped being at the mercy of his rages.  He got well enough to leave the center and move to a group home.  This is what he said to Bill before he left: "What is art, anyway, except not pounding on walls?"


kim said...

I can relate to the being tired! :)
That orchid is beautiful! Does C have a blog that you pulled the pic from, or maybe did she email it to you?
The other pic down below is growing on me, too! :)

Natalie said...

So glad you're healing, however slowly. It's so hard to be patient, isn't it?

I adored Three Dog Life--I finished it on the subway and I was reduced not to weepy tears, but to out-and-out blubbering so loud that several people moved away from me in the car. It's so compact and powerful, isn't it? I admire that. Also, dogs.

Anonymous said...

Did you buy the e-bay art? CSA