Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lady in the Mask

When they were done fitting me with this mask for the radiation treatments yesterday, I said, Well, that was creepy. I got this picture from someone's blog who seemed to be journalling every aspect of her treatment, but I have no desire to do that. I'm trying to go thru all this at a kind of distance, as if it is a movie I am watching, or a play I am in. Don't know if that's good or bad; it just is.

After that madness, I dropped off some hostas to a friend, then stopped in at the Toyota dealer on the way home. This dealer is a non-negotiating dealer, so the price they tell you is what you pay, which I think is good for me. The sellers work on bonuses, not on commission on every car. So I didn't feel pressured at all. Looked at a Matrix and a Rav4, I think either would be ok, but the Rav4 has a higher seat and is a bit bigger, which might be better for my needs. 0% financing on 36 month financing when you buy a 2009. I'm gonna look at Hondas, too.

Took myself out to Midori late afternoon then, for a bowl of their delicious chicken soup. A light beef broth with Asian vegetables, udon noodles, and chicken. With a side of pickled radish. Yum. And so close to my house, and they are wonderfully cordial people.

I don't feel well, today. Was up till 4am on Monday morning, took a long nap yesterday, and just feel crummy today. I need to get my current car registration renewed, but first have to have the emissions test, and I can't find the paper, and the registration is overdue, and I have a ton more paperwork to do for my medical leave, and I feel like doing NONE OF IT!!!

Shoutout to the AndFam: Hope everyone is feeling better. Miss you all.

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kim said...

Thanks for the shout out, I believe we all are better. The kids are enjoying VBS with my mom's church this week in the evenings.

Sorry the masking was creepy, but glad you're past it. And I think it's fine to deal with things in different ways, we're all very different when it comes to facing big things!