Sunday, June 08, 2008

Art Fair

What do you think of this painting?  It's on Ebay, and is quite large.  I kind of like it a lot.  I'm in a shopping mood.

It's 1.30 am or so, and I'm not sleeping.  Drugs haven't kicked in yet, or else the book I've been reading has energized me in some way.  Three Dog Life by Abigail Thomas.  Her husband is disabled after being hit by a car and suffering traumatic brain injury (like my own father), and I thought I would not be able to read it right now, but she adopts two more dogs in addition to the one she and her husband had adopted, and writes eloquently about how she copes with her life after her husband's accident.

Today three of us went to the local summer art fair, the white booths with jewelry and painted glassware and pottery and photography and hand sculpted refrigerator magnet flowers.  I love these fairs, with their lemonade stands and strong smells of popcorn and freshly tanned handmade leather bags and pouches.  I spent about a hundred dollars on items for myself and others; I like to buy holiday and birthday gifts at these fairs, put them in my big blue tote marked "gifts," and know that I always have something on hand when a present is called for.  I lusted after a beautifully crafted ceramic butter dish with cover, all modern and colorful, but for $65 I was too afraid I would break it or chip it, which is inevitably what happens with all my ceramics.  Still, I love to look at what people create, and am always amazed that human creativity is infinite.

It was very hot here today and I was quite exhausted by the fair, and after telling K. we needed to leave NOW, I made it home in time to put myself to bed for one of my three hour naps I've been taking each afternoon since arriving.  Bindi sleeps on the bed with me for these naps, so quiet, but not as cuddly as my dear Camilla, whom I miss.  How can it be a choice between cats and dogs?  We  need them both, with their very different temperaments and sensibilities, abilities and gifts.  I'll tell you one thing: dogs purr, too.

We went to PetSmart last night to get some things for doggie-do, and the store happened to have several adorable kittens up for adoption.  We weren't allowed to hold any of them as we were not serious adopters, but one was black and white like DillBoy, and two others were longish haired grey kittens, like D's Oxmyx and my Misty.  Oh I would have 50 cats if I could.  They're just too extraordinary.

Took myself to Walgreen's tonight to pick up some things and managed to get lost for a while.  But a rainstorm was approaching and I got a glimpse of the marvelous midwest thunder and lightning.

K and D made delicious grilled ribs for dinner which I managed to chew small bites of.  Also red potatoes and green beans.  I blended those together with some tomato, not the best combination in the world of Osterizer, but not that bad.

We watched The Prestige on dvd last night.  Interesting, but I think I liked The Illusionist better.  But Prestige had Michael Caine and Hugh Jackman, both very compelling on screen.  Watched a Muppets episode with Peter Sellars in it.  So funny and droll at the same time.  I miss the Muppets.

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kim said...

I'm glad you told me when you were ready to go, I hope we didn't keep you out toooooo long. And I'm glad you liked the ribs :-)

Hope you're able to sleep well tonight! Love you!!!