Monday, June 16, 2008

The Celestial Planes

By Destiny Womack. got it on eBay for $271. Original oil. 30 x 60".
Bindiana Bones.


kim said...

good work! :-) I'm glad you got it!

Anonymous said...

Bindiana Bones!!! haaaaa!:)))))
I love this signature!
So how are the little nieces and nephews?
How are you feeling?
I've been a bit laid up, but it was just exhaustion, nothing major; they're driving me a bit crazy at university...I have no life, nothing new
I miss you (nothing new there either...unfortunately...)
How are you, my sweet?
biiiiiigest hugs,
and lurve,

Anonymous said...

And I would like to dedicate an equally colorful song to YOU!!!

Patrick Wolf, The Magic Position:

how are you my sweet Linda?