Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Water Feature

When I moved here, there was a dry stream bed about a block down the road from my house. With all the rain and snow, the stream is full and flowing and very lovely. Bindi and I always visit it on our walks, and when the weather gets warm, I hope to be able to take Bindi down to the water for a refreshing dip. I miss the shoreline terribly, but at least I have my water feature very nearby . . .

I take the paperwork in today to have my leave extended another four months. A great relief, although I am feeling much sadness about all that has transpired. I saw in the local paper yesterday that a local animal shelter needs volunteers to help with the kitties and doggies, so I will check that out and try to work for them a couple of days a week. In their ad they said they especially need volunteers to play with the cats to help socialize them. Now that's a job I could love! Enough with helping the university save nickels and dimes, when it's endowment is so huge! Being a micromanaged business manager is so NOT what I am about. It goes against everything I value.

I'm supposed to have a draft of a letter ready today to send to senior faculty explaining why I am on leave (an idea I think is important so that incorrect rumors don't circulate), but I couldn't do it. My therapist is helping me with it, but I don't want to deal with anything about this crash. I just want to forget about all of them and their wicked ways.

I've started the three times a week acupuncture on my knees. It is so good to see my acupuncturist/naturopath that often, as she is the embodiment of caring and positivity and gentleness. Is positivity a word? She wants me to do the anti-inflammation diet, but it is so strict: no wheat, no dairy, no coffee, no tomatoes/potatoes (the nightshades), no sugar or artificial sweetener. The nutritionist I saw last year said the same thing. That my body is "inflammed." I think it's just cause I'm a double Sagittarius. But with these months off, perhaps I can really get into my health care in a different way. Or not.

Bindi's birthday is Saturday and I'm having some folks over to celebrate. I'm going to have a cake made with her picture on it, and we'll play pin the tail on the Chihuahua. How cute is that? I said I would have a light supper prepared, but have no idea what to prepare. Any suggestions? I plan these things and then resent the work involved. Resent. Should be spelled rezent. Resent is like re-sent, as in resending something. Whatever.

Found a pair of red wire rim glasses frames finally. Have ordered the frames from one optician, and will take them to my long time opticion to have the lenses made. Have been looking for red wire rims for years. And they have matching magnetic sunshades to go with.

Watched "Phenomenon" on the telly last night. Have seen it many times, but it is such a sweet sweet movie, one of Travolta's best. Want to see the new Johnny Depp movie, although it will be bloody, but I just have to see everything he does.

It's cold, there's snow on the ground, and I can't wait for spring. March 15 those peas go in!


dale said...

Let me know how you like Sweeney Todd.

jp said...

positivity is definitely a word.

and such a valuable thing in these tough times.


kim said...

did you decide what to make Friday? I always volunteer to do things like that, then freak out about all the work and not knowing what to make or having time to pull it all off, then have a great time and am glad I did it, LOL. But that middle part is always horrible :-) ...

I thought you'd be a wonderful kitty socializer!

Hey, I know of someone who did a very very strict anti-inflammation diet with astounding results. Let me see if I can find the link to his page about it.

here it is ~ his blog site telling of his journey

and a blurb about him:

I believe he did a super super strict diet for a time, then has added things back in one at a time so he could see which caused the issues. He still follows a very strict diet, but is now free of pain, because he's been able to identify safe foods and stick to them.