Wednesday, January 16, 2008

GAs on Duty Again

So I'm driving to the consignment shop after the therapist and the acupuncturist and dropping off the leave extension papers, and I get to the intersection where I am to turn left, but the light is green, with no left turn arrow. The car in front of me turns left anyway and gets hit head on by the car in the other lane. BANG!! I am horrified watching these two smallish cars crumple in front of me while hoping they don't swerve out of control and hit me, but I put on my parking break and rush out of my car to see how I can help. The engine of the car that made the turn was either steaming or smoking, I don't know which, and one of the young women could not get out of the car. I'm rushing around trying to help her, another guy shows up on the scene who has called 911, these two young women are hysterical, and I'm in crisis mode trying to get everybody onto the curb and warm. One woman is bleeding from her mouth, but miraculously no one was seriously hurt. The cops came right away, and I had to tell him what I saw. The young woman bleeding from her mouth said she had no medical insurance so didn't want to go to the hospital and was crying that it was her sister's birthday, apparently the woman driving the car. The birthday girl was scared that her father would be very angry, and I said, he'll just be relieved that you are both ok, but she said, no, he will be very angry. The woman in the other car said her knees hurt. She seemed tall and was likely pushed into the dashboard, but said she wasn't hurt badly. My car is still parked in the middle of the four lane road with Bindi inside. After I was sure everyone was relatively ok, and the EMTs had arrived, I moved my car, and went on to the consignment shop, where I bought a red raincoat I had my eye on since last weekend, and some tops for my niece in Paris.

This is another push for me to get a new car. My 1990 Toyota Corolla has no airbags, and it could have easily been me in that car crash.

Then I'm driving back home and hear on NPR a story about a canine cop named Striker, who was killed in the line of duty, in California, when he apprehended a perp on a bridge, and the perp, in an effort to get away, jumped off the bridge, Striker still hanging on, doing his job. The perp survived the 200 foot fall; Striker did not.


kim said...

I'm glad you were able to help in the crisis, calming people down while waiting for the EMTs and things, what a blessing to the people involved. I know it's so traumatic to see an accident, praying for you in the after-time, dealing with the memories and emotions!

Anonymous said...

Seems like you did exactly what was needed at the time of the crash. What a great inspriration for spending $$. What did you buy for your niece?

Buying a new car with all the new safty features seems so sensible. I feel very safe in my big 6 cylinder Avalon.

I am sure you can/will get a zillion recommendations and a lot of advice. I guess this is a great time of year to get the best deals on '07's or even 08's given the crazy economy. Good luck and have fun.

Dick and I bought his new sporty Acura on a Saturday afternoon--right off the lot--with all that he wanted. I prefer a much bigger car but it is very cool and he likes it fine and dandy.

Love, C.