Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Birthday Kak

Remember Martin Short as the wedding planner in "Father of the Bride," with Steve Martin and Diane Keaton? Short's character had some really bad accent, and pronounced cake "kak." Martin's character would screwed up his face perplexed and annoyed, having no idea what the wedding planner just said. Very funny movie.

Anyhoo, this is the photo of the kak I had for Bindi's birthday party. I think it's hysterical. It came out beautifully, although the cake part itself was not the tastiest. And here's a photo of the poster I had made for "pin the tail on the chihuahua."

I took to the appropriate government offfice yesterday my rebuttle to their response to my original complaint. My rebuttle consisted of a seven page cover letter/narrative, and thirteen exhibits attached. I do not feel attached to the outcome. I am just very glad that everything is documented officially. Have to deliver a copy to the university general counsel's office today.

Have gone almost a week with no sugar except for the tiniest amounts in some granola and some muffins someone gave me. But no binging on Haagen Daz Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Extra Rich Light. Yeah, sure. Those binges make me so sick.

Found a salon near me that will give a decent haircut for $20. Closer than the other place that charged $18. Still, both are better than the $50 I would pay when I lived on the shoreline. That's nuts for someone with hair as short as mine. And horrors! Yesterday morning when I looked in the mirror I had a grey eyebrow hair sticking straight out from my brow. Man, did that make me feel old. Time to get them trimmed.

The squirrels completely distroyed the suet feeder I had hung from a tree outside. Those rascals are unbelievable. I'm sitting in my bed as I write this, watching through my big window the birds and squirrels cavorting outside. It's supposed to be warm today, in the 40s. I'll take Bindi for a walk soon.

Shoutout to Mihaela: here's a photo of my dining room:


kim said...

ooh, pretty! Your dining room is lovely, cozy, and clutter free! Yay!

That Kak is too funny - how did you get that done? Very nice!!!

Happy Birthday, BindiLou Who!

Anonymous said...

The Steve Martin version of Father of the Bride is one of those movies that makes me laugh no matter what mood I'm in. Love it!

Your dining room looks fabulous!!!