Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Know what that is? An indoor swimming pool. Yale has the largest suspended natatorium in the world. Went with Rachel today, cold drizzly outside, cold wet inside. I just jumped in.

Jim came over on Sunday and kept me company while I cleaned some of my messy room. He read the paper and surfed online, while I futzed around trying to make some order. Why is it easier to clean and organize with someone else there? I need a witness? Moral support? Someone to chat with in between the sorting and dusting? He was reacting to the cats and the dust and the mold and who knows what else, but he hung in there long enough to have dinner with me and Rob, who is sick with a sinus problem and a tooth ache. I made minestrone soup, served with cucumbers from the garden, and a Meyer lemon cake from a Trader Joe's mix. Nice.

Thinking about taking Bindi to a dog costume contest on Saturday; we'll see if I can get it together to create a costume. I have something in mind. Stay tuned.

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kim said...

suspended pool? does that mean you could walk under it? Does that mean it's not on the bottom floor of the building it's in?

The picture reminds me of my long-past competitive swim team days, which I do not miss.

Looking forward to seeing Bindi's costume. We saw some dog costumes on sale at Amazon, if you wanted her to look like a little hotdog. LOL!