Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The Guilford vet called today to say that DillBoy had heart disease, which caused the enlarged heart, and when I said Camilla was his littermate, the vet said she should get an ultrasound to see what shape her heart is in. If she has the same thing, there is medication to control the progress of the disease, altho not cure it. So we've an appointment for next week. That's beautiful CamillaCat in the photo, again taken by my friend Rob.

Rachel got me to go swimming at the Yale pool today as her guest. It really is a very nice clean pool, albeit cold. I just dove in and started swimming. Dived in? You gotta keep moving in order to keep warm. Don't like that part, but the largeness of the room and the temp of the water keeps the chlorine fumes down, so that's a plus. Got a little dizzy after a while, but will try to go once a week. The plan is to set up a yoga class out in Guilford once a week, join Planet Fitness nearby for the weight machines, and try to stick with all of them. Have an appointment Friday for the CPAP machine again, just a 40 minute thing to fit the mask or something. Then the machine will be ordered and someone will come to my house to show me how to use it.

Turns out Gus had a dislocated hip. How painful. But I think he's better now, and his owner called me an "angel." Can't get a higher compliment than that. Get it?

One-eyed red fleeced ghost. Bindi in her crate, covered with a red fleece blanket while sleeping. A blanket she had chewed holes in as a youngster. She awakes, stands up, and is peering at me from under the blanket, only her left eye showing through a hole she had created. Wildly funny! I laughed and laughed. Joy of dog.

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kim said...

I'm glad there's something you can do to check Camilla and possibly treat, if necessary. Hoping she's fine, though.

Did you get a picture of your red Bindi ghost? I'd love to see that! :-D