Saturday, October 28, 2006

Arts & Crafts

At left, one of Rob's stunning water reflection photos, no digital manipulation whatsoever. Went to the Artspace exhibit today with the Bindster, met Rachel and Frances there, ran into Howard E. saw Rob Rocke, who introduced me to yet ANOTHER Rob, saw Tony's work. Whew. My knees were killing me and, as usual, Bindi was adored by many an art-looker. Saw only one other dog there, a little papillon named Rocky.

Went to a mediocre crafts fair today at the Guilford Community Center, a seniors crafts fair. Did pick up a couple of things that were quite nice, but won't mention them as they might end up as gifts for one of you.

Had lunch with Rachel and Loren at a new noodle shop we'd never been to. So good to see Loren and hear her stories of teaching 7th grade in Brooklyn. She's in a kind of boot camp as far as teaching goes, but seems to be learning a great deal, and the kids are lucky to have her.

Learned that my second counsin Kay Wood whom I've just been introduced to via the internet lived in Pontiac, Michigan, not all that far from the AndFam in Midland, a couple of hours maybe.


Anonymous said...

Linda -

Aww, thanks for the kind words about my teaching. :) It was wonderful to see you yesterday, to talk school and teaching and blogs and email messages... and, of course, for that classic moment when you asked them to turn off the stupid Justin Timberlake. :)

I'll definitely do my best to get something like that going soon, and I'll try to keep up with your blog as well. Even the seemingly mundane details of life can be interesting and informative for the people who care about you.

Have a wonderful Sunday, I'll hopefully see you and talk to you soon!


kim said...

yeah, Pontiac's a few hours. Down towards Detroit.
Mmmm Noodles. I love noodles. How was the Noodle shop?