Monday, October 09, 2006


I'm taking Bindi downstairs for a walk and as I get outside the door of my building, a dog goes speeding past without a leash. I expect the owner to be close by, but no. Sam is outside too, and she says the dog has been running in and out of the street for a while. I said, we should try to capture it if it comes back, and shortly after, the dog comes back up the sidewalk, limping, holding a back foot in the air. He easily came to me when I spoke gently to him, and I grabbed his collar, gave Bindi to Sam and took Gus up to my office to call the owner. Gus had tags and a collar with a cell phone number written on it. He was panting heavily, and I passed a young man on my way up to my office who said the dog had been hit by a car. Why was I the first one to pay any attention to this obviously well-cared-for animal who was lost and hurt? I made the calls to the numbers, with no luck in talking to a real person, just leaving messages. I kept my eye on Gus, tried to calm him, but became increasingly concerned as his panting did not abate, and I noticed abrasions on the insides of both his left front and rear legs. He could have a broken leg, or worse, internal bleeding, altho he seemed to be ok, if a little shocky. After an hour, I decided to take Gus to the Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine in New Haven. Gus willingly got into my car with some wimpering that indicated he was in pain. It was a short drive to the hospital and Claudia was there and gave him immediate attention. After taking Gus to the nurses, Claudia was able to tell me that Gus had been a patient there before and they had other contact numbers for the owner. What a relief. I later got a call from the owner thanking me profusely, wanting to send me flowers. Apparently, while the owner was away from the house working, someone was cleaning the carpets and Gus must have escaped. I declined the flowers, saying, just pay it forward when your chance comes.

While at the hospital, a man brought in a very tiny white kitten whom he said he had found, and it was almost lifeless. When the tech told him it would cost $300-500 just to stabilize the animal, the man said he could not afford it, and agreed to let the little creature be euthanized. So sad. But at least Gus's story had a happy ending. I will call tomorrow to see how Gus is doing.

All this after Annette calls me last night to say that there was a coyote in her driveway, just sitting there!! I have yet to see one out here, but hear of sightings all the time. All my animals were in, and I've decided to keep the cats in for a while. However, on my way to work this morning, I cut some flowers and basil from the garden, and when bringing them into the house to get water, Misty sneaked out. She had been mewing loudly all morning to go out, but I wasn't going to let her. After she darted out, there was nothing I could do since she will not come in when called if I want her to and she does not, but as I drove down the driveway I noticed her sitting in the woods on a log. I got out of the car, walked gently up to her, and she allowed me to pick her up and put her back in the house. More relief, as she would be safe all day.

Yesterday Frances and Rachel came out and we went for a walk thru the Stony Creek marshes. It was a glorious sunny fall day, and we easily saw ducks, egrits, blue heron, and many dogs with their hiker owners on the same path. There was a tag sale at the Stony Creek Puppet House, and I've got a line on an antique fox pin that I will check out again this weekend when they will have the tag sale again. Saturday I went to a church crafts fair, I love those things, after hanging out with Rob for a bit. He brought over postcards for the show some of his photography will be in.

Saw Dr. C on Friday who stressed once again that building muscle in my legs is the only way to keep the pain at bay in my knees, altho she did give me prescription pain killers for the worst of it. My health my health.

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kim said...

Are you able to do some strength training for your knee? I do hope it helps. :-(

I'm glad you were there to help Gus.

Boy, I remember trying to keep our indoor/outdoor cats *in* when we were growing up. They sure get sneaky and slippery when they're determined to go out. So different with our cats, they don't have that trying-to-sneak-out passion at all. They don't even go out if invited.