Monday, August 27, 2012

Second Anniversary

Tomorrow is the second anniversary of my moving to Saint Augustine. And in four days there will be a "blue moon," known as the second full moon in any given month. I've been very contemplative recently, trying to figure out my next move. The two weeks I spent in the SF Bay area of California were eye opening and spectacular. I was grateful to have two beautiful places to stay in at no charge, and blown away again by the beauty of the area. I am already trying to figure out a way to stay out there for a month next August. The culture and environmental ethos in the Bay area are so much more in keeping with who I am than being in Florida. I like small town living, but cannot find all that I need here. Have never wanted to live in a big city, but that is the compromise one makes to find kindred spirits. Ah, if I only had the resources to be a "snowbird," the residents who live in Florida for the winter, and then go to the left coast for the summer. But that is not possible, as far as I can see. Lots of rain here for the past two weeks. So good for the lawns and plants, and bad for the wildfires we usually have this time of year. Soon the humidity will decrease and the wonderful northeast Florida fall and winter will begin; warm days, cool nights, and more crops can be planted starting in September. The two planting seasons are so delicious. My mandala garden will once again sprout lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, kale, carrots, and a couple rows of flowers. I have so enjoyed learning the "native" plants of Florida and planting as many of them as I can; they resist heat and drought, so don't require the careful watering that so many homeowners insist on indulging in so that they might have a smooth green lawn or tempermental exotics that use too much water in order to thrive. My thyrallis is an example of a beautiful shrub that has stayed in bloom for months. And the plumbago. And the native hibiscus called Haight Ashbury, so resplendent in its maroon cloak and deep red blooms. And its pot-leaf-shaped leaves, hence the name. Both T. and S. blew me off for the beach yesterday morning. J. is out of town, or he would have gone. It is our church. The sea, the air, the feel of the water, the sun, the sand, the waves, the salt bouyancy of the ocean. There is no place more close to the Divine. I am often my happiest floating in the sea. Am exploring more volunteer opportunities and might even some pursue some paid part-time jobs, but only something I really would find fun. Something in the arts or with animals. My oil painting class starts again in October. The watercolor class I began taking at River House, St. Augustine's senior center, was very inhibiting and I quit after three sessions. I learned a few things, but felt blocked by the group and the instructors sternness. Why, if I have 150+ "friends" on Facebook, do only the same few keep commenting? I can see this trend slipping away. It's only useful if a significant number of "friends" reply. Gosh, it's hard enough to get people to call you up on the phone to go get a coffee; it also seems too hard to comment on FB. I don't get these people who have 600-1000+ "friends." I doubt it. If you use facebook for the education of your friends, then comments are really necessary. But if you are single, and have a lot of time on your hands, comments are really important. Oh well.

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dale said...

I'll comment on your blog post since I don't have and never will have a Facebook account.

It's good to "hear" from you. I keep your blog in Google Reader so I know when you update it.

Now I have to figure out the strange graphics that Blogger is showing me to prove I'm not a robot. Ironically, a real robot would probably have a easier time figuring them out.