Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kids and Cats

Went to read to the 3-4 year old pre-schoolers this morning, after a month long hiatus.  I have such a hard time remembering their names.  They always want me to read "Metal Mutz," the robot story of a tinman who builds himself a dog from the trash he finds.  The book "barks" at the end and they love that.  So afterwards, I went to Barnes & Noble to see what kind of sound/pop-up books they had.  Found a couple, came home and ordered them online from Amazon, at a decent discount.  I haven't wanted to buy any books for this volunteer gig, but the kids so obviously love Metal Mutz, that it makes sense for me to have more on hand for their entertainment.  I love those little faces.  "Miss Linda, Miss Linda," they cry.  So sweet.  They say they missed me; they say they love me.

I browsed the magazine section at B & N, and could have bought a dozen mags that I'd never seen before.  I have such a hard time reading a book; but give me an article in a magazine and I can absorb it easily.   But each issue is 5-10 bucks each;  I always thought that would be a good gift for someone:  a pile of magazines in the field of interest of the giftee.  Hint.

As I was driving home, I passed my cats' vet office;  had a brainstorm, made a u-turn, and caught my vet just as she was going out to lunch.  I asked her if she needed any volunteers, and she said yes.  Even if it's just to hang out and socialize with some of the critters.  It lifted my spirits, as I need to be alone less, to hang out with people more, and I so like the staff there.  I might end up just cleaning litter pans for a while, but what's the diff? i do it at home anyway.  Maybe just a couple of mornings to start.

Came home and stopped on a street near me to get a cutting from what turned out to be a yellow mandevilla vine that was growing in a kind of undefined space between two houses.  Had seen this flower for several weeks.  T. drove by in his truck, stopped and said, "Great minds think alike."  He had been coveting this same vine for quite a while and had the same idea as I.  He can grow anything from a cutting.  Hope I can get it to root.

Went to the chiropractor this afternoon.  It was "progress exam" day, and she did the exam with the thermal imaging which shows where the inflammation still is.  It was she who discovered the deteriorating discs in my neck, and has been doing treatments to stave off further damage.  My sister has the same thing, only with great pain.  I had no pain, but in x-rays the situation is clear.  Ran into J. and her mom there; her mom is 87 years old.  I always give her a big, deep hug and today she said, "You give the best hugs."  She just relaxes in my arms and kind of purrs, and I rub her back.  After years of J. & S. taking care of S's mom before she passed, they are now taking care of J's mom.  It is a lovely feeling to have someone appreciate my hugs.  I don't know why so many people are afraid of close, long hugs.  It is one of the joys of being human.  J. is very active with the Democratic Women's Club, and I told her I wanted to come over and talk to her about politics.  She said, "I'll let you."  Ha!

Went to the supermarket to get my favorite potstickers, and on the way out saw a young man with his jeans hanging way low down on his butt.  I asked him, politely, why that style was so popular.  He surprised me with his answer:  "I find it more comfortable," he said.  "I don't like the feel of the jeans on my bones."  Huh.  Whatever.

At last at home;  called JG to see how his trip to Boston went.  He was tired from travelling too, even though he had a good time.  Air travel used to be kind of fun; now it's just a pain in the ass.  But I'm still putting out feelers to find a place to stay in the SF Bay area for the month of August next year.

In my mailbox was a letter addressed to someone at this address;  I opened it.  It was a birthday card from what appeared to be the sibling of a guy who apparently once lived here.  Since I have had occupancy for three years now, it was curious that whomever sent this card, to their brother it indicated, did not know his current address.  I had never heard of him.  I will send a postcard to the return address and let them know that "no one by this name . . ."

No rain today.

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Anonymous said...

Linda, you DO give the BEST HUGS EVER! You were the first person to give me a hug at Yale, when I was so sad I didn't even know I needed a hug. I remember we were in front of "my" office and you gave me a hug because you'd realized how difficult it was for me in those first few days/weeks, so far away from my family and friends. I'll never forget that. Mihaela