Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Got up today. Had coffee. Went back to bed. Even though I don't necessarily sleep, I lay there under the covers, cuddling whatever critter chooses to be close to me at that moment, meditating. Dozing. Letting the unconscious swerve and drift, percolate and condense. Retirement allows that. More rain. The tropical storm/hurricane Isaac is headed towards New Orleans again; so unfair. The 7th anniversary of Katrina. Hopefully the levees will hold and the damage will be minimal. Landfall tomorrow. The rain here keeps the lawns beautifully green, and the plants love it. Warm and wet. Hopefully it will let up a bit, and I can plant my fall crops. I adore the hummingbirds that visit my flowers. Went to the produce stand to get my vegetable supply. The woman there said that if I put my peaches in a bag with a ripe banana, the peaches will ripen very quickly. The bread was fresh baked, and I got my pickling cukes, which I so love. Cannot make a salad without them. The road construction people were not working today nor yesterday. The rain is slowing them down severely. I can only hope that when they are finished I will have a newly paved street outside my house. This neighborhood is like 1960s Dexter, Missouri. Many of the houses remind me of my grandma Effie's place. Perhaps that's why I feel at home here. I did not like my mother's family. But I have fond memories of Grandma and Grandpa Anderson. Had a good conversation with my niece R. this afternoon. She is so smart, creative, insightful, loving, funny, and motivated. I might become a foster parent to some puppies. The group I sometimes work with, Wags & Whiskers, needs some temporary homes for some "hound" puppies, and I have an art studio that I cannot make myself use, so why not nurture these little critters until they find a forever home? Calhoun, aka "Kitten," was outside all night, so he was content to stay in today. He's such a sweet little guy, still suckling on his fleece blanket in my bed. I would have 50 cats if I could. The Saint Augustine housing commission passed a LGBT non-discrimination ordinance yesterday. This is a big deal. It sets the stage for me to "get into trouble." I want to start an LGBT elders group at the senior center, or at least a PFLAG group somewhere else in the city. I have nothing to lose, and there is no visible LGBT organization here at all. Although, since this is a very conservative part of the country, I think I will install a home security system at my house. Eggs thrown at the door are one thing; but I am in a working-class, "marginalized" part of town, so I do need to be realistic and protect myself. I don't know why people are so threated by us; I don't know why the LGBT identity is considered to be a sin. Love is love. Over and out.

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I couldn't agree more. Love is love. xxxxxx