Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pretty Bird

"A newly hatched tricolored heron waits for its siblings to break out of their baby blue shells as a parent keeps a close eye on their nest. The first birds arrived in February and, although May is usually the busiest month, eggs will continue to hatch through the middle of July. Photo by DARON DEAN,"

"Royal Pains." Never have watched that show before, but have been feeling yucky all day and they were having a "marathon." It's totally mediocre, but the houses of the Hamptons are impressive.

An exhausting day yesterday. Got up early, got to the pool by 8.45, swam for a while, came back for a 10am counseling session by phone with a CT client, went to the chiropractor at 12.30, then to get some blood drawn around 1.30 at Flagler Hospital, then to the 7th floor of the hospital to visit my 90 year old friend Gwen who was admitted for a few days. Had a nice chat with her caretaker C., stroked Gwen's forehead for a while as she was sleeping restlessly. S. came in, one of the docs came in and told a funny joke, then S. and I went down to the cafeteria to get a bite to eat. I made bad choices: potato cheddar bacon soup, and pecan pie. The soup had a nice taste, but I don't know what the heck was in it or the really bad pie, cause I came home and crashed, and have slept all day. Was supposed to go to another free Cathedral Basilica concert last night, but just couldn't get myself to outside again. Rob the Magnificent was supposed to come over today to do some work, but I called him to cancel. P. came over around 5pm to do some more grass removal, and I sat outside with him for a while and drank Emergen-C. Now I'm getting ready to go to bed again.

Being on the 7th floor of the hospital afforded a gorgeous view of the marsh, as well as the thunderclouds and lightning. Lightning is a big deal here, and people take cover when it starts. The hospital is clearly short staffed, so need to remember that if I ever end up there. It's got a pretty good reputation, but really, it's all the luck of the draw with these places.

I think I just did too much yesterday. Hope to feel better tomorrow.


Dawn said...

Way too much sugar for you in pecan least THAT pecan pie!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the heat's making you all sleepy as well...i know it does that to me too. Also, heavy meals, obviously. So sorry you haven't been feeling well, maybe a change of diet would help?
Frinstance:), ever since the summer's (finally) arrived here as well, I've been eating tons of fruit and vegetables and drinking plenty of water (all this is totally uncharacteristic of me, btw), and i've been feeling great! i think my taste buds had a hard time adjusting during the first few days, but now they're finally up to speed!xxxxxxxxxxxx