Friday, June 03, 2011

Birth Day

My mission for today was to find a flowering maple plant (abutilon) for my friend T., whose 51st birthday was today. Had been looking at various garden centers and nurseries with no luck, so got on the phone first thing. The first place I called, Holly's Nursery, in north Saint Augustine, had one left, so had her hold it for me. Drove out there, got the plant, petted her dog's tummy, got some ground cover jasmin for shade. Stopped at a thrift shop on the way home and bought two good cotton pillowcases, and an unusual manatee vase/mug.

The morning glory and fountain photos are from Southern Horticulture, my favorite nursery around here. I want the fountain. But. $500.

Came home, made contact with a counseling client in CT to try to set up an appt. Watched some "House" reruns, then got ready to go to T's birthday dinner. I was uncomfortable at the gathering, as a person I no longer want to be friends with and who blatantly ignores me was there. Serious discussion after she left about the dynamics. T. and J. are always complaining to me about her, so why do they still hang out with her?

Just fed the kittens, watched them run around and rumpus with one another and all objects in the studio. Will be hard to let them go. But. The only constant is change.

Called S. Made date to go to the pool tomorrow. Might go to a women's art festival in town in the morning, but probably not. Don't want to spend any more money, and feel just too busy.

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