Thursday, June 02, 2011

Just a Day

Fed the kittens, now eating solid food.
Dropped Bindi off at S's, talked with J. and met her mom.
Robert the Magnificent gave me a big hug and grin. He's working for S. now, too.
Drove to Palatka and picked up my painting that was in the student exhibit at the Larimer. Stopped at Farmboy for produce and strawberry rhubarb jam and mango jam.
Saw a new exhibit of excellent photography.
Went to the Art Shoppe and got more brushes in a nice canvas case. The owner had fabulous bling to sell as well.
Ate lunch at City Cafe, all retro 50s, ate field peas, mashed potatoes, cole slaw and a roll.
Picked up Bindi, who had gotten in a fight with Jasper over a treat. Jasper started it.
Went to the chiropractor. Stopped by the new used furniture store next door and bought an iron mandala to hang on my studio outside. Stopped at home depot to look for a flowering maple plant. No luck. Stopped at Pet Paradise, a boarding/grooming facility for cats and dogs, which has a bone shaped swimming pool for the dogs! Left a kitten flier there and met a taupe colored dachshund named Brinkly. Went to an art exhibit at Haven Hospice. Explained my views on art and creativity to M, who was most appreciative. Convinced the girl gang to go out to eat at the Urban Back 40Cafe, which they loved.
Came home, fed the kittens, drank a vodka tonic, now off to bed and finish Oryx and Crake, by Margaret Atwood.

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