Thursday, April 22, 2010

The creative Anderson women.

This is Yoda, made by my sister C., from a pattern brought to my attention by sweet K.

This is the pillow my niece R made for me for my 60th. It is exquisite. There's a little pocket in front where the manatee can swim beneath the waves.

This is the Valentine's card my nice E. made for me, featuring her dogs Trinka and Phil. So very creative.

Had dinner with C & D last night, short but very fun. We trashed Jale. Planted some canna corms yesterday. I think I have hurt my shoulder with all the digging of the perennials I've been doing. It has really been smarting.

Got myself to go to the "spa" yesterday, too. The gym, really, but my therapist said to think of it as the spa to make it easier to go. I took a hot shower, got into the warm therapy pool and chatted with some women about our health, went into the hot tub, then finally was able to get into the regular pool and swim a few laps until the infant swimming class showed up. Some of the babies were crying really hard in the water with the trainer, and that shoots right thru my nervous system in a bad way. The moms weren't even in the water with the little tykes. Why force an infant into cold water to learn to swim? Seems wrong to me. I had to leave. Couldn't take it.
Got my hair cut and someone in the salon had a 4 pound curly haired chocolate miniature chihuahua!! I mean Bindi is adorable, but this puppy was beyond control cute. His name was Jude, because when his person held him up, he had a perfect cross design on his chest. And he had hazel eyes. Really special. But she paid $900 for him at the pet store (All Pets Club), and she's already had to take him to the vet four times. Hmmm, puppy mill?


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