Saturday, June 19, 2010

Black and Whites

DillBoy is no longer with us, but I've been living with 3 neighbor cats of the black and white persuasion. Little Dude, the guy rolling in the cat nip, is several years old, but the other two belong to another neighbor and I don't know their names or genders. The one outside the screened window has become buddies with Misty for some reason, and I often find the two of them hanging out around the house together. Misty hates Little Dude and the other black and white. The one I now call Buddy jumped onto the outside window sill one recent morning meowing like crazy for I assume Misty.
That's just one interesting animal encounter I've had since the wild dolphins. I haven't posted photos yet because the ones I have are of Bimini and the boat and the people and the landscape, but no underwater shots. All those were taken by others and I haven't gone thru them yet to determine which best illustrates my experience.
But around the house, I have encountered either a garter snake or an Eastern ribbon snake, twice, a fox's hind end as it walked into the bushes, a deer in my front yard which I have never seen since living here, a hawk or falcon flying over with two youngsters in tow, some kind of yellow and black bird I've never seen, a feather from which I later found while walking with Bindi. Someone suggested that the animals are making themselves visible in order to say goodbye to me.


dale said...

The leaves and dirt on the side of that top cat look like an auxiliary face.

Anonymous said...

Ummm? Wonder what kind of fauna you will encounter in Florida? CSA