Sunday, April 18, 2010


I'm supposed to be packing for Bimini, but I'd much rather procrastinate. Packing fills me with such anxiety that even tho the trip is a week away, my therapist said to pack this weekend so I can rest the remainder of the week. I did manage to get a good start yesterday, finding things that fit for the summer, washing them, finding the file with the list of things I'm supposed to bring, putting my passport in my backpack.

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to go as I got some weird uncommon infection (pseudomonas) in my big toe and was bitten by yet another deer tick two weeks ago. So now I'm on two antibiotics, doxicycline and levaquin, the levaquin because doxi won't work on this particular infection, and the doxi profilactically in case I have contracted Lyme again. They make me feel more tired than usual, which is pretty tired. My shrink also wants to change my antidepressant from cymbalta to provigil, as provigil works on dopamine which might help my fatigue.

I going to get another sleep study (aarrgghh) to recalibrate my CPAP machine so I can try to use it again to see if it helps. I had a PET scan last Thursday as a cancer followup, which is a two and a half hour ordeal, complete with some radioactive injection, so I'm nothing but a chemical soup at this point. I hope Florida will be healing, and I can get off some of these prescription drugs. It can't be good to be on so much.

Unfortunately, I waited too long to get a pair of prescription goggles for the trip so I may be seeing blurry dolphins. I'm gonna see if I can get a pair of contact lenses this week just to wear while I'm snorkelling.

I'm digging up all the perennials in my community garden and giving them away, as I don't want the next person who gets my garden to not want them and till them under or let them die. It feels good to be passing them along to folks who will tend them and make it possible for me to visit them (the plants) in the future. Yesterday I picked a big bunch of lilacs, tulips, and peach colored quince which are all so gorgeous. I think lilacs are my favorite spring flower. I hope there is a variety that I can grow in north Florida.

Went to see "Alice in Wonderland" with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. I loved her Red Queen. "Off with their heads!!!"

It's 49 degrees here this morning, but I expect it will warm up some. Then I'll take the doggie for a walk. I put her picture up at the Ashley's ice cream shop in Guilford, as many others have done with their dogs. She's licking the remains of that sweet stuff from one of their cups.

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Anonymous said...

So glad to see the wonderful pillow that R. had described to me. It is fabulous. I waited until the late night before leaving to pack for our recent car trip to Ohio. It worked out. I think that your passport, swimsuit and money make up a full suitcase. Oh, oh , I forgot the drugs. I love the pansy pict. CSA