Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Full Corn Moon

According to Native American tradition, the full moon on Friday this month will be the Corn Moon (sometimes referred to as one of the Harvest Moons, but they typically occur in October). Photo by Birdgirl.

Very cold at night and in the mornings since my return from Michigan. I'm drinking coffee again, but have none in the house to my dismay. I was off coffee for months when I was so sick, but picked it up again while away. My plants did well while I was gone, and yesterday I severely pruned the tropical hibiscus so that it would not take up so much room in the house when I move it inside. She looks a bit in shock, but should have a few more weeks to sprout new branches before the cold weather really sets in and I have to move her in.

Yesterday I saw the ID (infectious disease) doc who said my lab work looks good, the sed rate is now normal (a predictor of infection), and I can cut back the antibiotics to once a day. I don't have to go see her for another six months unless something happens, which IT WON'T. Started back with physical therapy at a new place connected to my gym. Every PT I've seen, and I must have seen at least ten or so does something different, and she had a creative use of a dog leash to stretch my knees. Now how can you not like that? I'm off to see the surgeon today, and then to the dreaded supermarket. I've come to hate big stores immensely, but I don't have good small ones near me.

Does anyone watch Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations"? It/he just keeps getting better and better. He goes everywhere in the world meeting interesting people, getting off the tourist track, and eating the local fare. Tough job. He says he likes the travelling, but it would do me in, I'm afraid, no matter how interesting.

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Kim said...

I hope your visit to the surgeon goes well and that he's pleased with your recovery.

We miss you. And I'm not getting many steps on my pedometer without Bindi!