Saturday, September 19, 2009

Woke up to Camilla having diarrhea on my white bedspread and then the carpet, after having had her pee on it twice before in the past two weeks. Took her to the vet on Thursday, and she obligingly peed in the cat carrier so the vet was able to find out very quickly that she has a bladder/kidney infection. So he gave her this new antibiotic that is an injectable, and is supposed to last two weeks. The substance makes a kind of pill under the skin after it is injected and then time-releases the antibiotic. I'm sure that's why she has the diarrhea. She's now sequestered in the utility room, with water and almost no food. She had this same thing just a few months ago, so it must be something with her age, which is 13. Vet told me to put down another litter box, cause if a cat doesn't like the current litter box, she can "retain" urine until she can't hold it any longer, and that's bad. Anybody got any Scoop Away coupons?

Since I was up, I went out tag sailing. Got a small bird feeder for a buck, a reflecting dog leash for a buck, cupcakes to take to dinner tonight at M's, and a really nice London Fog raincoat with a winter lining in excellent condition for five. I thought I was very good at not buying anything useless, although tempted.

Came home, took the dog for a walk. I'm up to about 15-20 minutes now, hoping to get to 1/2 hour soon, at least that's what I told the physical therapist my goal was.

Am meeting a friend at a dessert cafe here her husband is giving a talk on the globlization of the coffee trade, or some such. This place is advertised as the "only listed science cafe in CT." Who knew.

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