Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last Day Before Heading Home

Went off my coffee hiatus since I've been here, and yesterday, with no Starbucks coffee, got a headache that would not go away. So first thing this morning, I was in Minnow, the smaller van sibling of Moby, the 15 seater, headed towards the nearest Starbucks for my double shot espresso non fat latte, and the Sunday New York Times. Back to the house, then to the community center for my half hour swim, kicking these artificial knees for all they are worth, which is a lot. Then to my sister in law's parents for lunch, and a talk with her father about how we are just in our infancy of knowing the intelligence of animals, as I was reading an article about the piano playing cat, Nora (check her out on YouTube if you haven't already). I mentioned how dogs are being trained to smell out cancer, and he sited a friend of his who has a black lab who growls at anyone who comes around and has cancer! He says he's always very grateful when the dog comes up to him calm and wanting petting.

Gibson, the next door dog, in my attempt to have him make friends with Bindi, was unappreciatively amorous with her, much to her and my dismay. He's a beautiful dog, but I don't think his owner's are up to snuff on dog training and neutering and that sort of thing. Oh well.

My sister in law ran in a small 5K marathon yesterday which we all got up and went to witness. She did well in her class, and we were all proud of her. She won a five buck gift certificate for hot wings. It was a fun event. We all came back and took naps.

Did I tell you I watched "Paul Blart: Mall Cop," on video with the family? It's very silly and stupid, but we enjoyed it, esp. Kevin James physical comedy. K. my sister in law, and I watched "Marley and Me," and I cried. I had read the book, which was more about the dog than the movie was, but still it was a decent vehicle for Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston.

On Friday night I went to Saginaw with one of my new women friends here, to meet a group for dinner at Pasong's, a traditionally Chinese restaurant, but esp. for our group that night made a special Thai menu. The owner had hand written one menu with five different dishes on it. I felt rather cosmopolitan in the group, as I think only one other person there had ever had Thai food before, and they were appreh
ensive and skeptical, although I think most were pleased with what they ordered. The coconut curry soup was extremely good, although many did not like the coconut cilantro and spices combination.

Another trip to the farmer's market yesterday with E. and T., more viewing of the downtown art frogs, and lunch at Daddy O's, A 1950s style diner in town.

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