Saturday, August 22, 2009

Backyard Theatre

My two older nieces on Thursday evening were part of a backyard theatre production that one of their sister homeschooler's has been producing for four years. "Check Under the Bed" was the name of the play, and took place on the back porch of the young producer's house. With an audience of about 50, the twenty minute mystery was well-acted and very well received. I was so proud of my two girls, the 10 year old who played a shy, tidy young woman (the joke is she isn't tidy at all!), and the older one played Dr. Sidney Brockett, a scientist/researcher/inventor. My 12 year old nephew was the videographer. The rain held off until after the performance and the reception of sweets and drinks, but then we were deluged for about 10 minutes, everyone scrambling into the garage. Very inspiring, what these kids pulled off on their own, with just a little help from some adults.

Last night I went into Bay City to have some pizza with some online friends I made. It was great fun, and the pizza was good. Tomorrow I'll have coffee with another online friend at Barnes & Noble, so I can get the New York Times. (Does anyone else hate reading it online?)

Saturday morning Buzz and I went to the farmer's market, then to look at some of the frog art on the street. I found a pair of designer jeans at a consignment shop, and Buzz was quintessentially patient for a four year old.
Sunday, Aug. 23

Had a great time at Starbucks with my two new women friends. Hopefully one of them will call me to do something else this week. It was my first cup of coffee in weeks and weeks and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lap swimming afterwards again at the community center pool, which was nicely warm, then a long hot shower in the nice facility. Went to Marshall's afterwards and bought a $7 swimsuit, a nice black cardigan, and another nightgown that fits. A stop at Kroger for chicken to make chicken soup tomorrow, and pie crust to make a not-key-lime lime pie. Have been making myself greek salads with tomatoes, cucumbers, calamata olives, feta cheese, onion, sometimes peppers.

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Kimodified said...

Buzz looks so serious!

May I steal your theater pix? I was juggling the baby and didn't take any stills!