Thursday, February 14, 2008

Baby Misty

JP said that I no longer mention my cats, they have no blogger personality. Well, here you go JP. Didn't you actually come with me to the shelter when I picked up Misty for the first time? This is my old friend R., who doesn't even care for cats, but she looked so lovely in her tie-dyed shirt, that a photo of her holding baby Mist seemed the thing to do. This was taken in the shelter about a week before I adopted her I think. We just went for a visit. In the words of dear departed Steve Irwin, "Isn't she go-geous?!" Odd, I can't remember Misty much as a kitten (like I can't remember Bindi much as a puppy), but this is a beautiful reminder.

Happy Valentine's Day, all, and a special shout out to K., whose birthday is today. Hope it's a good one.

I have the movie Chocolat on in the background. I'd like to live with Juliet Binoche and Johnny Depp, just so I could look at their intensely lovely faces each day. Oh, and it's a wonderful film, too. Perfect for the day.

Watched Steve Martin's Shop Girl on dvd last night. A sweet movie, with extraordinary photography of Los Angeles, which I never think of as an attractive city, but then I've never been there. Clair Danes is so much better now that she is older. Also watched Blood Diamond with Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou, a disturbing but I think true-ish account of the Sierra Leone illegal diamond trade. Buying diamonds is so problematic. Does anyone know if diamonds are still stockpiled and only a certain amount allowed on the market so as to keep the price high, as is portrayed in the movie?

I get my tongue biopsy results tomorrow. Check this site for the info. Shout out to EGV: what were your biopsy results?

Can't find my scissors. If anyone ever wants to send me a gift, scissors is a good one. I need a pair in each room.

Sun is out today. Time to go visit the road's water feature with the canine.

And finally, to all lurkers: POST A COMMENT, PLEASE!! K. is usually the only one who does, and I'm very grateful to her, but come ON!


dale said...

Okay, okay, here's a comment with absolutely no content whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful picture. Her eyes look so blue!

I'll be posting about my biopsy results shortly. Short story is that I'm fine, no need for any further exploration, I just need to keep seeing the endocrinologist every few months.

jp said...

Go kitty cats!

Anonymous said...

happy (belated) valentine's day, sweetie! just got back from england, literally just came in, and found a leaking pipe and other minor disasters...oh, the joys of this place!
i miss you!
adam misses you too, he says hi (or sends his love, as they say over there)
and here's my love too
e-mail soon
so, your results????fingers crossed, hope they were good

Anonymous said...

so u got a new cat? (I am back by the way)

jp said...

hey check out my blog! and send me your new email.