Friday, February 08, 2008

Chi Town

And not the one in the middle of the country. These photos are from the Chihuahua Meetup Group on Feb. 2. It was kind of lame: the organizers had no toys for the dogs, no drinks for the owners. It was kind of fun anyway. Next time I'll bring a bunch of toys.


antithiscully said...

Hi, this is Rae, I just dropped by to thank you so much for the thoughtful little gifts! The little penguin went immediately on disply to our fireplace mantle, Erin passed the shirt along to me as well (she knows my penchance for little sheepies), and it's just fantastic :D When I get a chance (read: not studying anatomy or avoiding the computer after studying anatomy), I'll post a picture online. So thanks :D

Anonymous said...

The poem about your father's coat is beautiful. I'm looking forward to catching up in person this week! xoxo, L