Friday, March 25, 2011

Yellow Cat

Yellow Cat

driving home
one large three small
pale yellow golden cats
pass across the road

Stop the car
get out
try to see
where they are going
who could possibly
get close
that yellow

each time I pass
that intersection
I look for them
mama and three kittens
who glowed and
stopped me in my tracks

I worry for them
I want them
feral is wild
and wild is strong
doing what needs to be done
for the little ones

White buddha
glows in the shop
visited for the first time
in her hands is a ring to
hold a candle
her face an expression
of utter peace
fire is wild
peace is wild
both can have no limits

Medicine card
reveals the Raven
"you have earned the right
to experience more of life's
dark black raven
hole in space
open consciousness

fire light
glowing feline
peacful openness
wild darkness
peaceful light
wild fire
peaceful feline
raven magic

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Dawn said...

BEAUTIFULl! Thanks for sharing this.