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27 January 2011

Palatka shop window.

Antique shop.

Lovely candy counter in the antique shop.

Everything in moderation, including moderation. -Oscar Wilde

Photos from the town of Palatka, where I am taking the oil painting class. Instructor wanted me to come to another class again this morning, but I feel I'm doing too much in general. He is trying to teach us to paint the way he does, but I said I want to find my own style, and he is very willing to work with me on that. He said, bring in some pictures of the kind of painting you like, and I'll guide you there. So generous is he. I told him I couldn't paint unless I was in a group, and he said, "Don't say that." The only way you get good at something is practice, practice, practice, and I hate to practice alone. He suggested putting up photos of people I like, playing music, and I thought those were good ideas. I don't tend to display photos of friends and family (makes me miss you all too much), but it might make sense to do that in the art studio.

Painter is putting in the indoor window sills and the baseboard today. A little more joint compound here and there, paint the floor, and then done. Carpenter will hopefully replace the door next week, but I can move in before the door is done. Have been finding shelving, chairs, cabinets at yard sales and on Freecycle so furnishing the place will not be a problem. Labor and materials is what's killing me, but it's turning out beautifully. I never would have guessed I'd have a freestanding art studio, or even want one.

Yesterday I went to what I thought would be a training to do pet therapy with hospice patients. I was the only one who showed up, however, so it was rescheduled. Extensive application, three referrences, a TB test, and a day long training required, and they would like a commitment of two times a month to visit patients. I think now it will be too much for me, as I am already doing the pet therapy with another group, going to nursing/rehab venues. But hospice has NO pet therapists in this area, and it's hard to say no, esp. since I've already indicated that I want to. But I think after I have my house/studio together, I'll feel more organized. I still feel like I am living in domestic chaos. Plus I want to spend more time on art. There's SO much to do here.

Monday Bindi and I went to a rehab center and visited with some other doggie therapist volunteers. I ended up laughing a lot with one of the patients as she told me about her dog Wolfy. She had a wonderful sense of humor. Her roommate was coloring huge pages of Disney female characters, Snow White, Cinderella, etc. and her daughter takes the colored pages and gives them to children who are in the hospital where she works. One man took delight is patting Bindi quite firmly on her back, which Bindi didn't seem to mind at all. Forty-five minutes is our limit. And we discovered a resident cat sitting on someone's bed. We didn't go in that room.

Art class on Tuesday last. Big rain was expected with tornado warnings so over half the class didn't show up. I didn't care, even tho it was a half hour drive. Instructor is going to give us some computer lessons on using a free downloadable Photoshop clone called Gimp (why in hell did they name it that?), which he says will allow one to manipulate a photograph before painting to add or subtract elements to create a better composition. As I arrived in town early, I went to City Cafe, which is a completely fun throwback to the 1950s with red vinyl and chrome seats, photos of James Dean and the Rat Pack and others, a jukebox, lots of tchotchkes from the era, and good food.

Temperature should be up in the 60s today.

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I honestly think you should publish this diary. I love its honesty and lack of pretentiousness. You could put it all together and then start applying to publishing houses or, of course, self-publish.