Saturday, October 09, 2010

Southern Living

On Thursday, I went to visit Sandra Bernhak at her very lovely home further inland. It's a huge old farmhouse with an orchard near the St. John's river, where she lives with nine dogs, three of whom she refers to as "the Taliban," and her house loaded with memorabilia from her many trips out of the country. This first photo was taken in her studio with shots from her Antarctic Project, some of which she took herself.

Standing next to her is Roxanne, one of her dogs who is mostly blind and deaf but so sweet.

Friday, my carpenter came over and replaced the roof on what will be my art studio in the back yard. Among his many activities is being on a men's roller derby team!! He also installed a new fan/light appliance in the ceiling of my kitchen, getting rid of an awful two bulb plastic flourescent mess that was there. He seems to be able to do anything. He'll be installing two new windows, and replacing the yard/garden shed to the right of the larger building.
Got myself finally to go swimming at the Solomon Calhoun outdoor public pool yesterday. It was practically empty, and so refreshing. Even tho the mornings and evenings have become cool here, midday is still nicely warm and the pool is heated. I got a 12 swim pass for $8. A great deal.

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