Tuesday, October 05, 2010


En plein air. In the gorgeous Washington Oaks State Park. Only seven people in the class, all very nice. Teacher extraordinaire. Learned much in the first 3 1/2 hour class. Apply a wash. Let it dry. Apply another wash. Let it dry. Draw more leaves. Coordinate the colors. Let it flow. Rose garden. Koi pond. Greenhouse about to be rehabilitated. Shades of Edgerton. Lovely drive down A1A. Into it. The joy of water and paint and paper and brush.

Photos of art by Kathleen Maling, the instructor. Fabulously talented.
Flowing red curly hair.
Still neurotic about getting furniture. Keep almost deciding on a bed, then backing down. Mattress salesmen are like car salesmen. Can't believe a word they say. They're desperate to sell. I'm compelled to check out every mattress on the internet, and then I can't find the one I've just tried out. Mattress companies constantly change the names of identical products so you can't compare prices. What if it feels good today and sags in 12 months? 1K? 2K? 3K? Is visco memory foam all the same? How can they put just a bamboo cover on a mattress and then advertise it as "eco-friendly?"
Computer chair and table not working out. Arms on chair are too wide, yet the seat and back are comfy. Computer table too big for the guest room, but maybe I can use it in the studio? Take them back? I think the chair had a two week return policy and it's been more than that now. Not making much progress on the inside of the house.
Weather has been lovely, cool mornings and nights, warm during the day. Still am not swimming or going to the beach. What's up with that?
Watching movies on Hulu.

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