Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Flowers

Daylilly Rouge



Canna through the daisies.


F. with her buddies in my front yard.

Went to my friend M's "club" yesterday for a delightful swim at the completely private pool there. It was huge and nearly empty. $1500/yr for a family rate. For the summer. Can't wait to get to the public pool in StA where I can swim at will for $2.

More packing today with L., then an appt. with the PT for my aching feet, then a counseling client via phone, then a trip to the shrink where I got my DNA metabolism report (!), then dinner with a friend I haven't seen in years and years, at Midori, the Korean/Japanese restaurant near me. Have another helper coming tomorrow to assist with more packing. I'm getting there, not as fast as I had hoped, but doing it.

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K's World said...

Beautiful flowers!