Friday, July 30, 2010

Last month in CT

Sunrise Johnson Road

Martha Washington geranium


One more month to go and I'm outta here.

Sold my patio furniture last night and had a nice visit with the friend and her daughter who bought it.

Still going thru paperwork to try to get rid of as much as I can so it will all fit in one four drawer file cabinet.

Camilla has diarrhea again.

Have friends lined up to come and help me pack more boxes. Cannot do it on my own.

Continuing with PT on my feet, which still hurt.

M & S came for dinner the other night, brought acai berry sorbet and M dug up some perennials she wanted from my yard.

Realtor continues to show house for possible rental. Three people already have turned it down.

Can't imagine why. Realtor said, "Wish we could find someone like you."

Weather is cooler today. Nice morning.

Watched "Taking Chance" on dvd with Kevin Bacon. A moving film about a colonel bringing home the body of a fallen Iraq soldier.

Had an encouraging animal communication experience at the groomers last week.

My Martha Washington geranium is in full glorious bloom.

Ripening tomatoes in my Edgerton garden plot.


dale said...

Why are they called "Martha Washington" geraniums? (I could probably Google it, but then I wouldn't have anything to leave as a comment.)

LA said...

These geraniums were very popular in the 1900s, originated in the UK, and are part of the "Regal" family of geraniums. Sometimes called "Lady" geraniums. Named after the first lady of our first president.