Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sooooooooo Tired

The nice thing about the oxalis plant is that all the leaves are quadrafoils.
Front yard, Johnson Road.
Whatever I don't get done by Friday night, oh well.

Started the morning with packing up a box with plants to send to myself in FL.

Then I went to my accountant's to have my 2009 taxes done. I have a "complicated" array of financial tentacles/tendrils, so it's worth it to have someone do it for me. Besides she's a friend, with two black and white cats named Lucy and Desi.

Then off to the last visit to the PT. My anxiety was rising, so I asked her to do some cranial sacral work on my head, opening up the muscles/plates of the skull so more blood flows easily to the brain, and it definitely helped.

Next to the optometrist to have my new lenses put in my current glasses frame. Took him about an hour so I went and had Thai food for lunch, then took Bindi for a walk on Chapel Street and felt relief that I wouldn't have to witness yet more of Jale buying up buildings in New Haven. Yuk.

Some emergency phone counseling with a client. It's the worst time for me to be leaving town regarding her situation. But we will stay in touch by phone.

Stopped by my internist's office to sign a form so that I can get copies of my medical records to take with me. Now I just have to contact about six other doctors for the same thing. Gotta get me one of those 3 in 1 fax/print/copy/scan (4 in 1? all in one?) machines for all this stuff. Snail mail will work too.

To the post office to mail the package of special plants that I wanted to take with me. Priority mail so they should get to my friend T. in Saint A. in a few days. I had to give up my gorgeous 15+ year old double apricot six foot tall tropical hibiscus. That hurt. Like leaving a family member behind. She went to my neighbor who does very well with his outside plants so I hope he will be able to keep her happy for more years to come.

A stop at the bank, then some ice cream as a reward, finally back home and an immediate nap that lasted 3 hours. Tomorrow and Thursday have the same hectic schedule.

I'm not having a going away party or anything. If people want to see me, they can get in touch.

There's a touch of fall in the air the past couple of days. A big rain on Sunday, cloudy yesterday, and cool today. Have noticed a tree here and there that is changing colors. But lucky me, I'll have a couple more months of warm weather in Florida once I arrive, and won't have to worry about the snow and ice.

Couldn't find Camilla all day, and she has a vet appt. tomorrow in order to get approved for the plane ride. I figured she was hiding in the attic, so I shut the door to the attic after retrieving Pippa from there, and in a couple of hours sure enough, I hear Camilla's meow and was able to snag her and shut the attic door against all of them. Lots of hissing going on but no fights. Misty has taken over the cat scratcher box, much to Pippa's dismay

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Anonymous said...

Two alligators were captured in the North Branch of the Chicago river just yesterday. They were already about 4 feet long. They will be transported to a warmer home in Florida. Crazy world!!