Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wenshu Temple and Grounds

Chengdu, China. My friend Max took a trip there recently and this photo is one of many exquisite shots he took of the gardens and walls and temple. Look at the color and form and pattern; just so entirely pleasing.

Still in the recovery center. I've officially passed the two week mark, which is longer than I was in for the original knee replacement surgery. The staff is being very attentive, which is nice, but they make me get up when I don't want to. They changed up my sleep meds on me and they are leaving me groggy in the morning, so I have to get them changed back to the original formula.

Bindi is with my dog trainer and her two dogs, Achilles and Peeve. I feel my doggie is safer and doing better with two of her own species to hang out with all day, and of course she prefers the bigger dog to romp with. I was not happy with the dog walker coming in just two times a day for one half hour, and then
Bindi being left alone all night with just Misty. Now poor Misty is alone, as Camilla is boarded, but I think she can handle it better. Camilla I'm sure is not too happy but she needs to be in a place where she can get her two medications. I know! She can come stay here with me!! And we'll get our meds together!! I've been fantasizing about the ideal recovery center, because of course this is not it, and it certainly would include a small petting zoo.

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