Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Broken Glass

Last night in a dream. My ex-husband was throwing many wine glasses on the floor, creating a huge pile of shards and jagged glass. It was so frightening. In another part of the dream, I think I was doing very badly for another reason, not because of the glass, but can't remember what. Oh, and the ex-husband in the dream brought home a woman he was consorting with, and I became furious and violent. Not hard to analyze this one.

On Sunday I planted about 80 tulip bulbs in front of my house. The local Stop & Shop was selling them for $.99 a bag. Raked some leaves. Rachel and Frances came over for a bit. The trees are nearly bare now. Bindi liked plopping in the large piles of leaves. Funny pup.

1 comment:

kim said...

I'm sorry for the scary, stressful dream!

But that's wonderful about the tulips! Those will be so wonderful come spring!!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!